Construction plastics


senoplan® HPL Exterior sheets

senoplan® Exterior for application in indoor and outdoor areas has a highly compressed, sealed and a melamine resin surface which has proved it’s w...

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senoplan® HPL Exterior Plus L sheets

senoplan® Exterior plus has an additional special UV filter on the decorative side and is supplied with a protective film for fitting.

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senobond® Larson®

senobond® Larson® is a sandwich sheet with a polyethylene core and both sides 0.5 mm covering layer. This is made of aluminium, specially coated wi...

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senopur® purenit® 550 sheets are a functional material of CFC and formaldehyde-free polyurethane rigid foam which is subsequently pressed. Very goo...

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senolex® multi Click 16

senolex® multi wall Click sheets 16 is a system with a slightly textured inside. The Überdachungs- and wall system is ideal for the implementation...

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senocryl® Corrugated sheets

senocryl® acrylic corrugated sheets have outstanding optical and technical properties, both with indoor and outdoor applications. Longevity and imp...

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senolex® PC Corrugated sheets

senolex® corrugated sheets offer a very good UV protection. They are weather resistant and have superior fracture resistance. High hailstorm resist...

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senolex® multi-wall sheets

senolex® PC sheets have an especially high temperature change resistance. They are particularly tough, elastic and virtually unbreakable.

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senolux® 2000

senolux® 2000 is a universally useable aluminium profile system

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senova® Facade profile

senova® Facade profile for senoplan® HPL sheets and senobond® Larson® ALU composite sheets.

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senolux® PC Panels

senolux® PC sheets offer very high temperature change resistance. They are particularly high impact strength, elastic and virtually unbreakable.

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senolux® LWS 60

senolux® LWS 60 consists of a well thought out aluminium profile system combined with PVC or PC glazing panels.

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senolen® PE-F for thermal separation

senolen® PE-F sheets have good hardness, stiffness and strength. Very high cold impact strength and weathering stability are the characteristics of...

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