ZELLAMID® 1400T (PET + glide additive)

PET Polyethylenterephthalate

ZELLAMID® 1400 T (PET + glide additive) is a high performance plastic based on a polyethylene-therephthalte with homogeneously distributed particles, integrated slide additive. The material composition makes ZELLAMID® a unique, self-lubricating bearing material. It has not only a very high wear and tear resistance, but by comparison with ZELLAMID® 1400 additionally a lower dynamic friction co-efficient and a higher dynamic carrying capacity (PV limit value).

  • Food grade FDA
  • High strength and hardness with good toughness
  • Very high creep strength
  • High dimensional stability (better than that of POM)
  • Good chemical resistance against acids
  • Easy to machine
  • Excellent dynamic friction properties and wear and tear strength
  • Average dielectric properties
  • Hydrolysis sensitive
  • Low hot water resistance
  • Turning and milling components
  • Liquid sealed components
  • Insulation components in electro-technology
  • Bearing rollers, bearing cages, bearing shells
  • Ball races
  • Pump housings and components
  • Sprocket wheels, toothed racks
Format Thickness Color
2000 x 610 mm 8,0 to 60,0 mm light grey
Length Diameter Color
1000 mm 10,0 to 150,0 mm light grey

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