PA Polyamide with 30% glass fibre reinforcement

ZELLAMID® 250 GF 30 (PA6.6): Polyamide 6.6 with 30% glass fibre reinforcement, whilst retaining good wear and tear resistance has increased strength, stiffness, creep strength and dimensional stability when compared with un-reinforced ZELLAMID® 250. It also allows use at higher temperature applications.

  • Easy to machine
  • Very high stiffness
  • Increased heat deformation resistance
  • Very high strength
  • Good UV stability
  • Dimensional change due to water absorption
  • Not resistant to concentrated acids and alkalines
  • Sensitive to notched impact
  • Bushes
  • Turning and milling components
  • Leads
  • Slide bearings, slide strips
  • Components for high mechanical loadings and temperatures
  • Sprocket wheels, toothed racks
Format Thickness Color
3000 x 610 mm 10,0 to 100,0 mm black
Length Diameter Color
1000 mm 10,0 to 150,0 mm black

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