Transparent Plastics


senocryl® E acrylic glass

senocryl® E has very good UV stability and temperature change stability. Additionally PMMA has good surface hardness and can be polished.

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senocryl® G acrylic glass

senocryl® has superior optical properties and the highest brilliance of all transparent plastics. Additionally cast acrylic has offers good scratch...

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senopet® APET

senopet® APET has extraordinary low temperature behaviour and has good optical properties with a brilliant surface

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senopet® PETG

senopet® has extraordinary low temperature behaviour and also good optical properties with a brilliant surface. Senopet PETG has outstanding therma...

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senolex® PC

senolex® Polycarbonate sheets offer especially high temperature change resistance. They are particularly tough, elastic and almost unbreakable, EN...

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senodur® PVC

senodur® PVC is fire resistant, extraordinary chemical resistant and tends to low stress cracking build-up. It offers high strength, stiffness and...

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senosan® SAN

senosan® SAN has the highest stiffness and lowest water absorption of the transparent plastics

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