New hospital Zell am See

senoplan® HPL panels indoors

23 October 2013

Crash protection and hygiene
From December 2012 to 2013 mail wallcoverings of Fa Senova were installed in the infirmary wing . For use came senoplan HPL panels , white 0101 , which are easy to handle and assemble , but also distinguished by heat insensitivity , impact resistance and easy cleaning. The drywall walls are resistant to acids, chemicals , disinfectants , cleaners and abrasives. All these factors are crucial in hospitals and other medical facilities. On the part of the architect was paid to a flush installation of all components. This had to be fulfilled for the frames that have been incorporated with 5 mm shadow gap flush with the wall surface. The remaining gap was filled by means of disinfectants and cleaning -resistant sealant, so that optimum hygiene could be guaranteed . In addition, had the required fire and acoustic protection properties are observed.

Object: Zell am See Hospital
Client: A.Ö. Zell am See Hospital GmbH, 5700 Zell am See
Architect: Domenig & Wallner ZT GmbH, Arch Dipl Ing John Dullnigg , Graz
Wall protection elements : Senova Plastics, 5723 Uttendorf
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