PEEK, Polyetheretherkeotone

ZELLAMID® 1500 X PEEK  is a high-performance plastic with a continuous service termperature of up to 260°C. Is is resistant to hot water and hot steam and exhibits excellent mechanical properties even at temperatures below -15°C. The material is resistant to a large number of chemicals and is rated V0 in fire behavior in accordance with UL94.

  • High strength and stiffness
  • Very high toughness (even in cold conditions)
  • Very high dimensional stability
  • Excellent slide properties
  • High temperature resistance to + 260°C, short term to + 300°C
  • Hydrolysis resistance over 260°C
  • Electrical insulation even with high voltages
  • Resistant to energy-rich radiation
  • Bushes
  • Sealing rings, sealing packs
  • Slide bearings, slide strips
  • Piston seal rings
  • Slide bearings, bearing cages, bearing shells
  • Pump housings and components
  • Column packaging
  • Plug connectors
  • Components for high mechanical loading and temperatures
  • Valves, armatures
  • Sprocket wheels, toothed racks
Format Thickness Color
1000 x 1000 mm 10,0 to 50,0 mm brown
Length Diameter Color
1000 mm 6,0 to 140,0 mm brown

Size: 2000 x 1000 mm also available

ZELLAMID® 1500T, modified
ZELLAMID® 1500X, impact modified
ZELLAMID® 1500 GF30, glass fibre filled
ZELLAMID® 1500 CA30, carbon fibre filled
ZELLAMID® 1500 CO20, ceramic filled

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